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Becky Okoro., Head Teacher

Meet the Head Teacher

The Head Teacher's Message

Welcome to Tender Years Preparatory School. I hope you enjoy finding out about our School and seeing the images which capture the happy, healthy and high achieving environment that we work hard to provide our Community with.

I hope you enjoy your journey through this website and I look forward to welcoming you to our vibrant community.

Who We Are?

Tender Years Preparatory School was established in 2005 and has maintained an outstanding reputation for the personal growth and academic excellence of its pupils.

This has been accomplished through the efforts of dedicated staff, small classes, a secure environment and a rigorous curriculum.

We pride ourselves on the good behaviourr of our pupils and extence of parental interest. 

We are an all inclusive International British School where serious education unfolds.

We offer a strong educational experience which is supported by very experienced teachers and staff. We focus on positive reinforcement in an effort to build confidence in all our aspiring scholars from early years to key stage 2.

The fundamental purpose of Tender Yraes Preparatory School is learning, not teaching. 

Here, you learn how to learn.


What makes us different?

Meeting academic challenges with openness, enthusiasm and a willingness to work through Teaching and Learning.

Why Choose Us?

International School

We are a school that places emphasis on an international education program with a student body and teaching faculty that is culturally and linguistically diverse.

Our Teachers

Our teachers are experienced in handling the Cambridge International and English National curricula.

Smart Classes

We use a diverse set of ICT tools to communicate, create, disseminate, store, and manage information.

Family Atmosphere

We make a commitment to all our families to be the greatest extension of home possible.

Student Clubs

Tender Years Preparatory School's pupils have a choice of over 15 extra-curricula activities, including taekwondo, swimming, ballet, etc.

A firm anti-bullying policy

TYS aims to ensure that pupils learn in a supportive, caring, and safe environment without fear of being bullied.


Parent Testimonial

“The school has given my child a lot to learn. We noticed changes in his independence and confidence the moment he started at Tender Years, which was at the age of 18 months. He still speaks highly of his preschool teachers and adores them.”

Mrs. Mariam Waziri

“The fact that the teachers and staff at Tender Years genuinely love and care about my children is what I appreciate about the school the most. There is no better place, in my opinion, to give my children a head start in life.”

Mr & Mrs Oyewole

“I’m pleased with SpringStone and the way the institution is kept up. My favorite aspects of the program are studying the material, interacting with the staff, and knowing that I can ask any questions I may have of them. My experience has been fantastic overall.”

Mr Chris Onyebuchi